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science educators for equity, diversity, & Social justice

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workshop protocol

The overall goal of the workshop format is the ENGAGE the audience in HOW TO use new methods, strategies, or ideas in their own work through practice and examples of social justice in action. 

total time

75 minutes

Workshop sessions are given extended time to accommodate a deep engagement in a particular idea, strategy, or method of inquiry. 



The format is open and based on the goals of the presenter. Presenters may choose to introduce a particular method or strategy, have participants work in small groups to engage with the method or strategy, and then report back to the larger group. Many other options are possible, depending on the topic and goals of the presenter.

*Virtual Conference Support: Each session will have a designated facilitator and tech support individual to help session participants coordinate breakout rooms, presentation transitions, pertinent announcements, and sharing of resources. Please log into your session 15 minutes before the start time to test out any materials you'd like to share during your presentation, discuss your preferences related to breakout rooms, and communication of time alerts (e.g., 5, 3, 1 minutes left).

Science Educators for Equity Diversity and Social Justice is a 501(C)(3) public charity.

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