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wondering protocol

In wondering sessions, a "wondering" or issue of interest is raised and a "venture" or possible response to the wondering is discussed. This might involve a conceptual, methodological, or other kind of issue in science education that the individual is puzzled about and wishes to initiate a scholarly conversation. This venue pushes the boundaries of our own theoretical and methodological frameworks and explores ways to get out of our comfort zones. This is also a great space for teachers to share ideas for addressing issues about which they have been wondering. 

Structure for Each individual Presenter 

Each individual presenter will have a total of 30 minutes for their wondering presentation. The specific break down of this time is outlined below.


10 minutes

The presenter describes the Wondering (without interruption).


5 minutes

The participants ask clarifying questions of the presenter (with response from the presenter).


10 minutes

The participants discuss the Wondering and Venture of the presenter (without any input from the presenter).


5 minutes

The presenter responds, ask questions, and/or summarizes what they've heard.

Breakdown of Overall session Time


 3 Presentations in Session Slot

 2 Presentations in Session Slot

 Session Introduction 5 minutes 5 minutes 
 Presentation 1 30 minutes30 minutes 
 Presentation 230 minutes30 minutes 
 Presentation 330 minutes 30 minutes 
 Transition Time 10 minutes 5 minutes

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