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conference faqs

Navigating Your Conference Experience

FAQ 1: Do I need to be a SEEDS member to attend the conference?

    • No. For our 2022 virtual conference, we have decided to open registration to non-members. Use the conference experience to 'try out' SEEDS as a potential home for your supporting professional endeavors. When you are ready, we'd love for you to join our growing membership community. Sign up here

FAQ 2: What time zone are the sessions scheduled within?

    • Our conference program uses Eastern Standard Time (EST) for all sessions or event times. 

FAQ 3: Will the virtual conference sessions be recorded?

    • No.

FAQ 4: I want to get more involved with SEEDS. Who do I contact. 

    • We have several committees that work very hard to create authentic and meaningful community experiences for our SEEDS membership. Take a look at each of the committees and decide which one might be a good fit with your skillset and complete this form. The chair of your committee(s) of interest will get in touch with you shortly thereafter. 

FAQ 6: I am presenting at the conference. How much time do I have? 

    • Please check out the information related to each of our session protocols here

FAQ 7: How will I get access to the virtual meeting rooms where the sessions will occur?

    • Once you've registered for the conference, be on the lookout for another email from us early on January 28th, the first of the conference. This email will have a link to the final version of the 2022 conference program that includes links to the virtual Zoom rooms where each session will take place. This is your GPS for our virtual conference. Just determine your desired section, click the link, and you are there!

FAQ 10: Will presentation materials and conference resources be available after the conference?

    • We have establish a new community forum space where SEEDS presenters can upload any materials they feel comfortable sharing with the SEEDS membership community. To access or upload any of these resources you must be a SEEDS member and log into your member portal. 

FAQ 11: Help! I can't find the Zoom link where I am supposed to be presenting!

    • Take a deep breath and email We have a SEEDS team member actively monitoring the SEEDS email account throughout the duration of the conference to assist anyone who may need help. To help our email moderators provide timely and accurate support, please use the subject line "Conference Zoom Link Needed" and include the name of the session you are trying to gain access to in the email.

FAQ 12: The SEEDS tech support person is inviting me to 'rename' myself in Zoom. What is this and how do I join the fun?

    • Zoom participants can display a new or different name for their 'Zoom box' than the default name that appears upon joining a Zoom meeting. Watch this 20 second tutorial on how to rename yourself in Zoom. Renaming can be a great resource for different purposes. A few examples might include: 
        • Preferred name, preferred pronouns, institution
        • Preferred name, email address
        • Preferred name, institution
        • Role (e.g., Facilitator, Presenter, Tech Support)
        • Twitter Handle

FAQ 13: I have resources from my presentation I want to share with the SEEDS membership. Is there somewhere I can upload for dissemination?

    • Wonderful! Yes, you can upload any resources or presentation materials you'd like to share with the SEEDS community through our new "Community Forums" feature in our online portal. You must be a SEEDS member to contribute and view any conference materials. 

FAQ 14: I met someone cool/potential collaborator, how can SEEDS help me keep the connection alive?

The new SEEDS platform (powered by Wildapricot) allows members to make their contact information (e.g., name, institution, email, etc.) available to other SEEDS members only (not public to the internet). The default privacy setting is "No access - Internal Use"  for all member profiles' fields. To make connections and build an online network, we encourage all members to change the setting to allow "members" to view their institution and contact information. You can find helpful information about how to change the privacy setting here.

FAQ 15: How do I save the transcript of a presentation on Zoom?

Transcripts of conference sessions are available to all presenters and conference attendees. To improve accessibility, SEEDS Conference attendees will have access to close captioning during all scholarship incubators, workshops, wonderings, and town hall events. Transcriptions, provided by Zoom, are imperfect and should not be taken as verbatim quotations of members. They are intended for accessibility purposes only.

How to save captions:

  1. Join your meeting.
  2. In your meeting controls, click Closed Caption closed-captions-button.
    • Windows/macOS: View Full Transcript
    • Linux: Show Subtitle.
  3. In the Transcript window, click SAVE TRANSCRIPT.
  4. Click SHOW IN FOLDER OR FINDER to access your saved captions.

Note: Your saved captions are saved in the following folders on your computer:

    • Windows: C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Zoom
    • Mac: /Users/[Username]/Documents/Zoom
    • Linux: home/[Username]/Documents/Zoom

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